wearing Kunza Corsetorium corset
- Spoiled for choice with Olga del Mar -
captured by 
Jeremy Gibbs 

Faible, Fetish, Passion – OBSESSION
Alicia von Rittberg wearing corsetorium silk Noir corset

Tush Magazine 

Corsetorium leather corset collection
captured by
Benjamin Kaufmann 
 luxury corset

  Corsetorium lace mask
Venus Collection
  Corsetorium silk Noir collection
view full collections by appointment during LondonFashionWeek
slow luxury

 Corsetorium suspender body suit
luxury bodywear
captured by 
Julian Marshall
model Tessa Kuragi  


Kunza Corsetorium luxe Lace Corset lingerie collection
Kunza Corsetorium luxe Lace Corset lingerie collection featured in:
luxury bondage fashion 

 Kunza Corsetorium Serpentine cincher and peekaboo panties
silk panties corsetorium

 Kunza corsetorium Leather Corset Sept2017 issue  

CR Fashionbook
styling Carine Roitfield 

posture collar
 Kunza corsetorium black leather harness
 Kunza corsetorium loungewear Collection:
Venus dress 

 Kunza corsetorium lace mask

 Lara Stone in Kunza corsetorium Serpentine Collection  March2017 issue  
silk corset
CR Fashionbook
by Mario Sorrenti
styling Carine Roitfield 

Ashley Graham modeling Kunza corsetorium nude corset in Feb2017 issue 
'Role Model'
V Magazine 
by Steven Klein

Corsetorium Venus dress collection

 captured by
Edo Brugué for Michael Boadi 
Model Lucy Cates

 Kunza Corsetorium bodice corset,  face mask & suspender belt. 
 captured by 
Jeremy Gibbs
face mask

Kunza Corsetorium bondage black leather corset collection 
Kunza Corsetorium leather Corset 

 festive season
indulge in the latest luxe loungewear for 2017

 Kunza Corsetorium silk bondage briefs

 Kunza corsetorium cincher and harness featured in October issue

- Surrender Control -
Volt Magazine

Kunza corsetorium silk mask
Kunza Corsetorium Serpentine Corset 

Kunza corsetorium silk tafetta corset
couture silk corset
- A bad gal becomes a queen -
CR Fashionbook
    September 2016  
captured by 

 Kunza corsetorium Serpentine Cincher

- Transparent, Silk ,Skin, Sex -
AnOther Magazine 
Autumn/Winter 17 

Kunza corsetiere interactive talk about the allure of corsetry throughout history and her work for movies and film at the
 V&A museum

Limted Edition:
- Lace Corset Collection -
Kunza Corsetorium lace bodice corset and lace posture collar.
 captured by
Benjamin Kaufmann

Kunza corsetorium Silk Bow Corset

- Sanctuary -
Forest Magazine
Summer 2016   

Kunza corsetorium  corset

April 2016

Kunza corsetorium  neck corset 

- Rebel Riders - 
Vogue Italia
Tim Walker
 Kunza corsetorium Serpentine Corset

lace corset
 captured by
Yvonne Catterson
 Kunza corsetorium Serpentine Lace collection

Kunza Corsetorium Silk loungewear with lace harnesss and silk cincher
slow fashion

made to measure luxury corset

Kunza corsetorium crini corset bodice collection

 captured by
Benjamin Kaufmann

Kunza corsetorium showroom Paris 2016

 Kunza corsetorium lace corset collection 

 Kunza corsetorium latest collection 
 Summer /autumn editorial

Kunza corsetorium sleeved cincher for Lily Blossom

 Kunza corsetorium serpentine corsetry for 

Bambi Magazine
Spring 2015 

 Kunza corsetorium OPHELIA dress

 Kunza corsetorium pastel silk collection available at 
Petits Bisous

 Kunza corsetorium serpentine bodice corset captured by 
Stefan Rappo

 Kunza corsetorium serpentine corset featured in :

Huf Magazine

 Kunza corsetorium longline crystal corset&loungewear 
capured by okn photography

  Kunza corsetorium flower corsetry for Lily Blossom

  Kunza corsetorium serpentine collection & face mask

 Kunza corsetorium serpentine silk suspender dress featured in :

Ligature Magazine

Kunza corsetorium flower corset featured in 


 Kunza corsetorium serpentine collection featured in 
Tirade Magazine

Our limited edition Silk Summer collection is out now:

 Kunza Corsetorium classic silk corset 
(gag by Fraulein Kink)

  limited edition neck corsets & masks to go with our corsetry:

 Kunza corsetorium serpentine corset captured by
Benjamin Kaufmann

limited edition coffee table book out now:

featuring Kunza Corsetorium leather girdle collection:
A visual journey of over 300 photographs with fashion’s most cutting-edge photographers, designers and stylists exposes the ominously beautiful obsession with the bad boy aesthetic and reveals what draws us into the darkness, providing a daring testament to the love affair with the gloomy, sultry side of Rock ‘N Roll. Divided into five chapters that explore the different sides of modern rock fashion: Dark Angel, Vamp Glam, Tribal Nomad, Hard Rock, and Future Punk.

a special night for David Lynch at Lily Blossom
(featuring our chantilly silk corset range)

Odda Magazine

  featuring Kunza corsetorium bondage cincher+ neck corset Nov2013 issue  

Venus in Fur

in cinemas now 
featuring our leather corsetry for Emmanuelle Seigner

 Fashion Week:


 Kunza corsetorium sepentine collection

 Yasmine Le Bon in
featuring Kunza corsetorium longline silk corset in Sept 2013 issue  

  Mix&Match this summer
Kunza corsetorium nude brocade corset captured by
Antonio Terron

go oriental this summer with our silk kimono corsetry 

Kunza corsetorium bridal range available from spring 2013

Kunza corsetorium leather waspie range

GQ magazine :
Kunza corsetorium plunge silk corset

stunning image of Betony Vernon featuring our silk feather corset

Tally-Ho 2013
  silk bustle special edition corsetry.

   Silk Dragon Corset                                         Bondage underbust Corset

An exclusive selection of our corsetry is now available online through:

  We do continue offering our bespoke 'made to measure' service and a larger selection of our corsetry in store.
(Please get in touch to find a stockist near you)

Our semi-transparent bodies are now available in very selected stores:

Blossom displays our underbust corsetry range in a special bondage feature:

Mark Brazier-Jones, Fleet Ilya cat ears and Paul Seville gauntlets

 Kunza corsetorium in 
- Rankin -

'The Frenemies' 


Kunza corsetorium nude classic silk corset captured by Rankin:

Kunza corsetry for Strobe's latest advertisement campaign  
October 2012

 September issue:
' The Role Model' 
by Daniele + Iango and Luigi Murenu
What makes a Role Model? – Throughout history we’ve always admired strong women who have followed their own paths and been unafraid to grab hold of life with both hands. Inspired by the Hollywood glamour of Marilyn Monroe and the individuality of Frida Kahlo, Daniele Duella + Iango Henzi, Patti Wilson and Luigi Murenu explore the notion of role models in fashion, with an epic 94 page story starring the world’s most iconic supermodels, and even hotter clothes. Linda Evangelista, Stephanie Seymour, Guinevere van Seenus, Kristen McMenamy, Karen Elson, Isabeli Fontana, Natasha Poly, Amber Valletta and Gisele Bündchen all make an all-star appearance.  

 Kunza corsetorium leather girdle
 Kunza corsetorium bondage neck corset
Kunza corsetorium chantilly lace corset

Kunza corsetorium laced girdle nude

 Kunza corsetorium military bondage corset featured in:

Vogue Italia 
'Mix of sexy military'
by Emma Summerton


 Kunza corsetorium leather  bondage corset

 Kunza corsetorium leather  bondage corsets

Backstage video

Pret A Porter - Madrid Fashion Show
- Primavera Verano 2013 -

featured several corsets from our latest collection :
  Kunza Corsetorium special edition bustle corset                  Paul Seville leather belt

 Kunza Corsetorium leather suspender corset

Kunza Corsetorium Chantilly silk Corset                                Kunza Corsetorium nude medical corset

 Kunza corsetorium chantilly corsetry available: 

Kunza corsetorium August editorial:
"A dirty book is rarely dusty..."

featuring our Kunza corsetorium laser cut corset rouge:

 Kunza corsetorium silk chantilly corset:

Kunza corsetorium July editorial featuring our silk cinchers and underbust corsetry:

Kunza corsetorium limited edition kimono collection:

Kunza corsetorium leather cincher:

Kunza corsetorium bondage suspender corsetry:

Kunza corsetorium latest corsetry featured in 'Li &Ly in Blossomland":

Summer is here:

Kunza corsetry is now also exclusively available in Australia:
we will keep up updated with the latest styles available there, so far our popular laser cut corsetry and transparent lace corsets seem to be a hit. 

Kunza corsetorium chandelier corset for Paula Vázquez:

Kunza corsets 
vogue competition:

Kunza corsetorium suspender bondage corsets editorial April2012:  
Khube magazine 



captured by Nicolas Guerin

Kunza corsetorium coutil corset 

Kunza corsetiere was commissioned once again to create the foundation garments for TV Series 
Downton Abbey
A selection of 30's /40's girdles and bras for the female cast: 

 Kunza corsetorium nude silk corset March publication

We had a fantastic time with Ilya Fleet to collaborate on our latest editorial shoot:

                         Ilya Fleet Mask                              Kunza Corsetorium Chantilly Lace Corset

captured by Benjamin Kaufmann

Kunza corsetorium in Componere
'princess of darkness'

  Kunza corsetorium nude cincher featured in 
'Vive La Decadence' 

Kunza corsetorium for Emma Summerton Vogue 
 We all love the work of Emma Summerton, so we were delighted to see our leather corsetry featured in the latest cover story for:

behind the camera footage:

Kunza corsetiere featured in:
book launch November 2011:

- Do not disturb -

DESIGN BEHIND DESIRE is a beautifully designed book that will showcase all the surprising and delicious aspects of desire, in all its manifestations; longing, lusting, wanting, craving, yearning, both of the mind and of the body and ideally in perfect tandem. Desire burns in a space and implores us to satisfy its needs. As such it can become a passionate driving force, leading us to greater heights and has the capacity to fill us and inhabit us until we ache. The industry of eroticism extends beyond the red-light district to include uptown elements such as specialty boutiques and haute couture lingerie.  Seven sultry chapters will focus upon inspiring objects whereby the concepts, design and craftsmanship elicit and encourage the desire that resides behind closed doors.

showcasing Kunza silk cinchers with victorian jet beading and antique chantilly lace.

 showcasing Kunza silk corset with antique japanese silk kimono

 Kunza corsetiere featured in 
Vogue Italia 
September cover story
Avant - garde
'The Discipline of Fashion'
by Steven Meisel starring Stella Tennant.

showcasing our latest laser cut cincher collection:
Beyond elegance. It was a style choice, but especially one of love (her husband liked her that way) that inspired Ethel Granger (1905-1982) to tighten herself into corsets that modified her waist up to the point of reaching a record measure of thirty-three centimeters, a limit that has not been surpassed to this day.

A revolutionary woman, who, also to indulge her husband’s tastes, did not hesitate to have dozens of piercings done back in the Fifties. She is the inspiration behind this cover and the fashion shoot interpreted by an intense Stella Tennant.

Backstage video  'The Discipline of Fashion' by Steven Meisel

Kunza corsetorium latest collection out now:

captured by RVDS

 Kunza corsetorium orchid corset:

Kunza corsetorium silk cinchers for GQ magazine:

Kunza Corsetorium featured in the

An erotic guide which gathers the best erotic places, 
from nudist beaches and sexy shows to fetish boutiques, 
erotic designers,
burlesque trends… 
everything from kinky to chic!

The book features our popular plunge corset and silk cincher with antique lace mask:

Kunza sash silk corset in Haper's Bazar:

 Kunza Corsetorium is now exclusively available in Spain:
last week we launched our latest collection in Madrid

Kunza corsetorium latest collection available now:
- featuring pure silk cinchers and victorian jet appliques -

captured by Benjamin Kaufmann

Kunza corsetorium leather underbustcorset & Ilya Fleet cone bra:
CoCo De Mer

Dita von Teese book signing:

Kunza corsetiere corset night at Coco De Mer:


Our silk orchid corset, 
featured in  the FHM lingerie special

our Valentines corset on display in Covent Garden:

Another corset night to remember :
Alan Carr amongst others to get a glimpse of our latest corsetry collection at 
CoCo De Mer Kensington


12 June 2009 - 27 September 2009
Exhibition at The Textile Museum London
displaying Corsetorium 'Queen of Spades' corset

Kunza corsets now available in NYC at CoCo De Mer:

BeBaroque Party 

" Our BeBaroque party was one to remember; with a lavish window and shop display of corsetry by celebrity corsetiere Kunza and baroque floweres by Rebel Rebel spilling our of urns, the setting was magnificent. "

Kunza corsetorium limited edition 'Queen of heart' corset range available in selected stores only:

Corsetorium launch in Italy:

Kunza corsetorium in Wig magazine:

pick of the month at CoCo De Mer :